Public Key Encryption
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Numerous patents and patent applications with foreign equivalents
The technology is from research under the direction of Jeffrey Hoffstein at NTRU Cryptosystems, Inc.
The group of patented and patent-pending technologies relate to methods of public-key encryption creating keys for encoding and decoding processes:
  • Public key encryption system providing high speed, low memory encryption methods
  • Ring-based method of communicating information between users of a communication system
  • Method of authenticating, by a second user, the identity of a first user
  • Method for performing a cryptographic operation involving transforming digital information
  • Methods, systems, and computer readable media for signing and verifying a digital message, and also allowing a second user to authenticate the identity of a first user
  • Method, system and apparatus for performing user identification, digital signatures, and other secure communications functions

The technology provides state-of-the-art security solutions of encoding and decoding processes that are between one and two orders of magnitude faster than other widely used public key systems.

It allows keys to be chosen essentially at random from a large set of vectors, featuring key lengths comparable to other public key cryptosystems and an appropriate security level.

Companies, end-users with multiple devices, that constantly access data and make decisions, can do so in a secure environment, meeting security demands of today's business environment by leveraging multiple forms of technology and communication devices.

The technology protects sensitive corporate and user information, and enables regulatory compliance.
The technology has applications in the PC, wireless and anti-counterfeiting marketplace. These applications offer products and services required by multi-national firms to ensure digital platform security, and to protect against security threats around the clock and around the world. All industries that require user authentication and data encryption provide target markets.

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