Featured Technologies

The dramatic growth in emerging technologies provides the raw material that drives CTI's business. Relationships with universities, companies and inventors provide CTI with direct access to a continuing supply of innovative technologies that fulfill the opportunities created by the marketplace. CTI offers a broad portfolio of technologies in life, electronic, nano and physical sciences.

CTI's strategy is to position itself at the forefront of the paradigm shift in energy, healthcare and security. Featured technologies from CTI's portfolio fulfill the opportunities created by this shift. They include: CALMARE® Pain Therapy Treatment and Advanced Research & Development: PMT 1. Detailed information on these and other featured technologies is available in CTI's portfolio.

This device is FDA-cleared for US sales, US patented and patent pending in other countries, and medically certified in Europe. It treats oncologic and neuropathic pain through a biophysical rather than biochemical approach. The non-invasive device is designed to create self-like neurons by applying surface electrodes to the skin to simultaneously treat multiple pain areas.