CALMARE® Pain Therapy Treatment
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US patented
FDA 510(k) clearance for US sales
European Union Medical Device CE approved as an electronic-analgesic apparatus
The pain therapy technology is a non-invasive method for rapid treatment of high-intensity oncologic, neuropathic, and drug-resistant pain through a biophysical rather than a biochemical manner. The method incorporates electromedical equipment for electronic nerve stimulation, and uses the nerve fiber as a passive means to convey a message of normality to the central nervous system (CNS) by a procedure defined as scrambling or tricking of information, which then enables the CNS to modify the reflex adaptive responses - referred to as TEMPR - Transcutaneous Electrical Modulation Pain Reprocessor. It has been successfully used on over 3,000 patients in Europe.
The non-invasive MC-5A is a multiprocessor apparatus able to simultaneously treat multiple pain areas in the individual. The patient experiences longer "no pain" periods after each successive treatment.
The global pain management market is estimated to reach $60 billion by 2015. Potential market opportunities include hospitals, nursing homes and hospices, cancer treatment centers, and pain management centers.

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