Skin Pigment Enhancer
Project Number:
UA 715/816

a-MSH is a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. It reversibly darkens mammalian skin. Every human adult has approximately 60,000 melanocytes (melanin, pigment making cells) in each square inch of skin. When skin is exposed to sunlight, granules of melanin in the skin darken, producing a tan, and the production of new melanin is initiated. Certain of the patented peptides, when applied to the skin or introduced to the body, stimulate the same reaction in melanocytes as does sunlight, producing a tan without exposure to the sun.

In addition to its cosmetic advantages, the technology has application in the area of skin diseases, most notably skin cancer, but also Vitiligo, which leaves disfiguring white patches on hands, face and arms. Further, a-MSH molecules covered by our patents, because of their inherent ability to seek out natural melanocytes, have applicability in additional therapeutic and diagnostic areas of use.

This patented technology is undergoing clinical testing in Australia for use as a skin cancer preventative and as a therapeutic for vitiligo, psoriasis and albinism. It is expected to enter Phase III testing in late 2006.

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