Sexual Dysfunction Therapeutic
Project Number:
UA 1248

This patented technology is a therapeutic compound based on melanocortin chemistry discovered through collaboration between a doctor and a chemist, and which has been shown to be effective in treating male and female sexual dysfunction.

It is believed that signals from a certain hormone which is released by the brain have a direct effect on sexual behavior, such as sexual arousal. This compound targets melanocortin receptors that are believed to be involved in the control of endocrine, autonomic and central nervous system functions.

On-going clinical trials of this therapeutic compound have shown effectiveness in treating erectile dysfunction in men (ED) and potentially female sexual dysfunction in pre-menopausal women, by involving the central nervous system, instead of the vascular system. Therapeutics currently on the market for ED, which target the vascular system, may result in well known and publicized negative cardiovascular side effects. The use of this compound does not result in these negative cardiovascular side effects.

Current clinical studies, with the melanocortin therapeutic, have also shown positive effects on pre-menopausal women diagnosed with female sexual dysfunction (FSD).

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