Video Signal Processing: Encoding and Compression
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This real time video compression technology decodes and encodes sampled video images using a combination of coefficient-representative and vector-representative signals with supplementary techniques to adapt and optimize them. The two patents have been deemed essential by MPEG LA who have incorporated both into their MPEG-4 Visual Patent Portfolio License Pool: the '834 patent for decoding coded bit planes, and '269 patent for deinterleaving.

The '834 patent describes a method for encoding and decoding an input signal by applying a transform to the input signal; quantizing the transformed signal to obtain a sequence of quantized values represented in the form of ordered binary bits; and for each order of binary bits, encoding a bit plane of the sequence using (run, end) coding to obtain encoded values; and decoding the encoded values to recover the input signal. The patent relates particularly to a method and apparatus for encoding and decoding such signals to achieve bandwidth compression for efficient storage and/or transmission.

The '269 patent uses a deinterleaving step prior to the transformation step in combination with a suitable quantization technique solving the problem of coding images and video with high coding efficiency and relatively low complexity. The strategy uses a Fixed and an Adaptive Deinterleaved Transform Coding approach that develops two types of coder which each approach. One coder operates on an entire picture or VOPs; the other operates on small, local regions allowing for an efficient coding at a range of complex possibilities.


May be included in image/video on the Internet, wireless video and networked video games, as well as medical imaging, pilot information systems and displays, graphic arts and photographic archives.

Potential market opportunities include public and private sectors, including military, aviation, medical, security, graphic arts and internet/wireless suppliers.

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