Conrad F. Mir
President, CEO and Director

Mr. Mir has over 20 years experience in the financial industry. Over that time, he was responsible for having restructured half a dozen companies. He is an investment banker by trade and has served as a C-level member of executive management for the past ten years. Conrad has been a board of directors member of such companies as Aran Laboratories, O6 Technologies and Genetic Immunity Incorporated. He has expertise in the immunotherapeutic, cancer, infectious disease and medical device space.

Prior to joining Competitive Technologies, Conrad was the CFO of Pressure BioSciences, Incorporated (OTC: PBIO), an instrumentation company that services the healthcare, military and homeland security industry. In this capacity, his mandate called for structuring financial instruments that afforded the company operational and expansion funds, and reengineered current operations and broadened institutional contacts that resulted in sell-side research coverage. Mr. Mir co-engineered a company-led, $2.0 million convertible preferred financial instrument and orchestrated a $500,000 convertible debt, bridge financing.

Prior to that, Conrad was the chairman and CEO of Genetic Immunity Incorporated – a privately-held biotechnology company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of a new class of immunotherapeutic biologics for the treatment of chronic viral infections and cancer. At Genetic Immunity, Mr. Mir re-engineered the Company into a US-headquartered biotechnology company, incorporated in Delaware from a Hungarian-based R&D laboratory. He raised over US$3.0 million from a foreign institution and orchestrated the warrant exercise of the company’s largest paid-in capital institutional investor. As of the fourth quarter of 2012, the company was successfully sold to a publicly-traded Hungarian holding company.

Prior to that, he was the executive director at Advaxis Incorporated (OTC:ADXS.ob) – a biotechnology company focused on developing immunotherapies for cancer and infectious diseases. Under his watch, he was responsible for structuring and raising $36.1 million via a company-managed, multi-tranche debt and equity financing. These monies were used to fund operations and two phase II clinical trials. The success of this raise helped increase Advaxis’ share price from an historical low of $0.01 to a historical high of $0.25. Contemporaneous with the company’s stock price appreciation, the average daily trading volume increased from 10,000 shares to a historical high of 9.3 million with resistance at the 1.4 million share level for over one year. As part of such a comprehensive reengineering effort, the shareholder register similarly increased from 400 shareholders with no institutions to over 5,200 shareholders and over 4 institutions and two equity analyst reports.

Before his time as a senior professional, Mr. Mir had worked for several investment banks including Sanford C Bernstein, First Liberty Investment Group and Nomura Securities International. He holds a BA/BS in Economics and English with special concentrations in Mathematics and Physics from New York University. He is a classically trained pianist and teacher, and student of the martial arts. He is married with two children, chairman of the alumni council of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity and a member of NIRI.

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