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Calmare Therapeutics Incorporated (OTCQB: CTTC) (CTI) is a biotherapeutic company furthering proprietary and patented pain mitigation and wound care technologies. Our medical devices offer a non-pharmacological (no drugs), non-addictive (no narcotics) and non-invasive (“over the skin”) solution to chronic pain sufferers in an outpatient treatment setting. CTI supplements our medical devices with a catalogue of private label neurostimulation and sensory electrodes.

The Company has F.D.A. 510(k) medical clearance (#K081255) for sales in the United States and reciprocity countries for its flagship medical device - The Calmare® Pain Therapy Device. We sell our Devices in Europe under CE-mark designation that was issued by the European Commission’s Competitiveness and Innovation Program in 2010. Commercial sales are also made throughout the world under the guidance and jurisdiction of the respective countries’ Ministry of Health Department. For more information on the device, visit www.calmarepmt.com.

The Company has been a preferred vendor of the U.S. federal government (GSA#V797P-4300b) since 2010. Devices, consumables and related hardware are sold to U.S. military hospitals and clinics throughout the United States.

The Calmare® pain therapy device provides excellent pain treatment efficacy through a non-invasive procedure, which successfully treats pain without harmful side effects or the use of powerful and potentially addictive drugs.

Dr. Jonathan Kost, of the Hartford Hospital Pain Treatment Center, discusses use of the Calmare pain therapy device in the treatment of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy.